Monday, May 25, 2009


ni plak image ben10 & upinipin untuk cuppies. cuma ada 6 pcs of each character. i will charge RM1.00 per image (only applicable for these sets only)
these are edible image in my stock. i want to clear gonna let go at RM5.00 per image. if u want other than this image u have to pay more.

edible image ben 10 bntk 4 segi tepat A4 size. i ada stok 2 keping. sapa nak call me. this image is suitable for 10 inch square cake. RM10.00 is the price for this edible image.

FOR THOSE YANG NAK OTHER THAN THIS CHARACTER FOR THE EDIBLE IMAGE, PLEASE SEND UR REQUEST TO MY EMEL atau sms me 0129102655, but the price will be totally different from the above images.

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