Wednesday, January 28, 2009


pineapple tart ordered by hezrina`s mom. a very last minute order. actually i`ve just finished baking cookies for chinese new year celebration when i received this order. since they have been my loyal customer since last year...i accepted the order. anyway...hezrina is my daughter`s close friend.
these cookies were ordered by Yus. she ordered samperit, oat choco chip, pineapple tart and oat crunch. this is her first time order for cookies, hope she like it.
(komen dr Yus: sedap sgt sdp..biskut samprit yg licin dulu smp trpksa sorok yg lg satu. Next time blh promote kt kngkwn ys)

these small packs cookies were ordered by my regular customer, puan sh. anom. she ordered almond london, oat choco chip, pineapple tart, bebola kristal and almond flake cookies. i delivered her orders on tuesday, 20th january 2009.

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